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Roger Daniels, Executive and Leadership Coach

Alice “Allie” Daniels, Life and Wellness Coach

  • Want to become a better leader?
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  • Striving to find some work/life balance?
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Coaching is an on-going relationship between the professional coach and the client. The coach provides structure, support and feedback through a process of inquiry and personal discovery. The purpose is to build the client’s level of awareness and responsibility, so that he or she might move closer to a realization of vision, goals and desires.

Fitness and Wellness Coaching

Fitness and Wellness Coaching involves helping generally well-functioning individuals create and achieve goals, maximize personal development and navigate transitions on the path to realizing their authentic self in mind, body and spirit.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching focuses especially on issues related to effectiveness and fulfillment at work. Common themes in executive coaching are developing key executive and managerial skills, enhancing team building and leadership qualities, identifying and optimizing the use of key strengths, and building the competencies of emotional intelligence.

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