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Christian leadership and pastoral ministry is a calling.  I have been following that calling for more than thirty-five years.  During that time I have experienced successes that brought joyful confirmation that I was becoming the leader I were meant to be.  But . . . there were other times where leadership and ministry injected me into unique situations in the lives of those I was leading.  At times, these situations caused me to question the verasity of my calling.  At other times, feelings of inadequacy rushed over me as I was overwhelmed people and circumstances. Were it not for the encouragement and insight of others who had walked ahead of me, and were willing to come along side me, I would have floundered and given up, believing I did not have what it takes.

This is why I developed Helping You Through. My goal is to provide resources for you, the Christian Leader or Pastor, to equip you to deal with the challenges that are commonly found in leadership and ministry.  Sometimes, the only way past is through. I invite you to spend some time exploring the categories section for articles and posts designed to be informative and inspirational. I hope you will find them useful.

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Dr. Roger Daniels

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