For Fellow Strugglers

It seems that struggle is part of everyone’s existence. Finding a vocation, providing for yourself or family, developing and maintaining meaningful relationships, or simply finding peacefulness in day to day existence — these are just some of the struggles we all face.

The challenges in this life can overwhelm us. They can take a toll on our bodies, minds and spirit. They cause us to wonder whether our circumstance is unique, or if our reaction is normal.  It takes a great deal of physical, emotional and spiritual energy to deal with the struggles we face.

After many decades of life and learning — through my own experiences and those to whom I have walked beside — I can assure you that your problems are not as unique as they appear, and your response to them is normal. Most importantly, I have concluded that often, the only way past our problems is through them. As a result, I offer this web site entitled Helping You Through.

I encourage you to explore the posts and articles in the categoriessection.  There you will likely find yourself, as well as helpful resources to help you through the issues you currently confront.

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Dr. Roger Daniels

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