Life and relationships can bring challenging seasons of confusion, frustration and hopelessness. Daniels and Associates, LLC is a team of well-trained, experienced and compassionate professionals, each one devoted to helping our clients thrive.  

We value the uniqueness of each individual, couple or family. It is our purpose to guide you to toward clarity, hope, freedom, and purpose. We understand the challenges you face, and are committed to walking along with you in your unique struggle.  

We employ a comprehensive, multidimensional and holistic approach to counseling and coaching that unifies biblical and spiritual truths with complementary counseling and coaching concepts, principles, and methods derived from a variety of empirically proven, theoretical orientations.

While disciplined and systematic, we are open to all sources of truth regarding human personality and behavioral science and respect each individual’s spirituality and beliefs about God.

Our professionally trained and certified clinicians possess a working knowledge of human personality and behavior, can diagnose or discern problematic situations, and have a sufficient body of therapeutic skills to intervene effectively in the lives and problems of other people. 

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