About Us

We understand what it’s like when life is hard to figure out.

You deserve the kind of help that will bring clarity and hope.

That’s why we’re here for you.

Roger Daniels

Counselor and Leadership Coach

Roger is a husband, father, and grandfather. He’s an author, speaker, and university professor. He is also an avid road cyclist, but also enjoys building, flying (and sometimes crashing) RC airplanes. He has over thirty years of experience helping individuals, couples, and families find hope; and facilitating leaders to reach their potential.

Tammy Brewer

Counselor and Massage Therapist

Tammy is a wife and mother of five adult children and seven grandchildren. She enjoys family time, hiking, High Intensity Interval Training, gardening, baking, and the Arizona sunshine. She has over twenty years experience working with individuals, couples and families.

Pauline Sullivan


Pauline is a mother of two adult daughters — which she raised as a single parent. She has recently moved back to Arizona from New England. She has over twenty years experience working with individuals.

Heather Hatch

Christian Care Specialist

Heather is a pastor’s wife and mother of three grown daughters. Her love for God and His creation motivates her to provide care and encouragement for those struggling with the challenges of life and relationships.

Alice “Allie” Daniels

Holistic Health Coach and Medical Exercise Specialist

Over thirty years experience working with individuals and groups.

Mandy DeMeritt

Nurse Practitioner

Serving patients through Direct Primary Care.

We want to work with you.

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